Earth Kids Space project was developed by the Goi Peace Foundation under a mandate from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, with the mission of carrying out activities that support the ministry's "Program for Children's Activities in Local Community" initiative.

The Foundation now continues to renew its mission’s purpose, ceaselessly striving for the realization of the “regeneration education,” as the Goi peace Foundation project.

The aim of the Earth Kids Space program is to contribute to the healthy maturation of children's personalities. Placing the greatest value on matters of "the Sprit and life," the program will focus on creating an atmosphere of open and lively interaction. Through specific events in different communities, the program will focus on enabling children and instructors to express their individuality and identities while simultaneously incorporating the various special characteristics of those communities.

The project offers a place for kids to gather after school and on weekends, where they can learn about peace and harmony, respect for all life and our environment through games, stories and interactive workshops.

The Earth Kids Space program also supports the goals of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (2005-2014) and takes up issues that further those goals.